Mary Ellen Mark

Controversial, Thought-provoking and Engaging: Mary Ellen Mark passes at 75

Icon Mary Ellen Mark left her mark on the genre of street photography long before the first digital camera or iphone rolled of the production line. Most people who passively express interest in this art form understand pioneers like Mary Ellen Mark to be boundary pushers, conscious raisers and thought provocateurs. Mary Ellen Mark certainly left her mark. If you’re not too familiar with her less controversial work, a deep robust catalogue capturing raw human emotion, beyond the sensationalism, we encourage you to explore her body of work in celebration of her contributions to the photographic world. A great quote: “I remember the first time I went out on the street to shoot pictures,” she told the magazine Communication Arts in 1997. “I was in downtown Philadelphia and I just took a walk and started making contact with people and photographing them, and I thought: ‘I love this. This is what I want to do forever.’ There was never another question” (New York Times, 2015)A true influencer at Lit Riot Press, we love her work so deeply.