Laura Hospes: UCP-UMCG

While recovering from depression, anxiety and eating disorders, photographer Laura Hospes created an intimate photo series entitled, “UCP-UMCG”, named after her psychiatric unit in the Netherlands. Her self-portraits explore the raw emotion and struggle that people afflicted with depression often experience in private isolation. This photo essay from Hospes is both intense and deeply personal. A profound essay that inspires people to admit vulnerability, share with courage and conviction, and for us to see the human side of mental illness more clearly. “To accept and process hard events in her life by showing her struggles behind her great wall” (Laura Hospes). Hopefully, a small opening in this wall for us to learn, share and talk. Perfectly-hidden no more and beautifully shot. Our hope is firmly grounded in the support and treatment that Hospes and others seek and receive. View the entire series on

Laura Hospes

Photo Book (related work)
Photobook about processing a traumatic event
First edition: 30 copies
19,5 x 24,5 cm / 7,7″ x 9,6″
Graphic design: Marleen Annema
Printed at Jubels, Amsterdam