Papillion Art: AMERICAN SURVEY PT: II – A solo exhibition with Andre D. Wagner “Tell It Like It Is” on view now until July 5, 2015

“In these photographs, I’m attempting to show an overlooked reality and richness of contemporary African-American life. My vision, is to show this as organic, transparent, and universal as possible. The images I’m creating are a direct response to a moment in time, along with my personal world views and understandings” – Andre D. Wagner.

Andre D. Wagner’s street photos are so good. The family photo on the bus and flag photo are both brilliant. Wagner’s photos are on display through July 5 at Papillion Art as part of the their American Survey series, a 3 part curatorial idea that seeks to understand the consciousness of a country by asking or answering the following questions: What is the consciousness of a county? How do we push this consciousness forward? How do we raise the vibrational frequency of a culture by educating the psyche? Great exhibit and series.

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