Photographer Arnau Bach was self-taught until he won a fellowship to attend the Photojournalism Degree at Barcelona University (UAB). After working for six years in daily news for El Periodico de Catalunya newspaper and Publico newspaper, Back went freelance. One of the resulting projects from his freelance work through 2012 was an essay entitled, “Suburbia”, daily life in the Paris Suburbs Bach started and continued 2006-2012 following the Clichy-sous-Bois uprising. This photo essay is remarkable. Seemingly, shot without fear. We know this is not true. Going places where other photo documentarians won’t go. Reminds of us Boogie and Sebastian Liste and worth viewing.

About Arnau Bach’s Series “SUBURBIA”

October 27, 2005, in Clichy-sous-Bois, a northern suburb of Paris, Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré, 15 and 17 years old respectively, died electrocuted, while they hid from police in an electrical transformer. In the next hours, friends and neighbors took to the streets in protest. This provoked clashes with security forces that quickly spread throughout Parisian suburbs. In the following days, the revolt burned through numerous periphery areas throughout the country, until November 8th, when the French government declared a state of an emergency. The confused and the decontextualized images of uncontrollable violence inspired this work. One year after the riots I decided to go there in order to understand a reality that is only shown when it becomes sensational enough to be covered by mainstream media (Arnau Bach, 2013).