Human Dilatations Suspension and Human Dilatations Monoliths, by photographer and artist Roger Weiss, explore contemporary notions of physical perfection and our views of the human body. Human Dilatations does not fear the marks of frailness of the body and its imperfections but rather encourages the female image to appear as a whole: a shape by itself, in a game of distortions that allows one to differently relate to the image, entirely detached from the stereotypical and hypocritical notion of beauty (, 2015). We couldn’t pull ourselves away from the screen with his work. Make sure to check out the sketches and storyboards by Weiss. A remarkable and detailed undertaking.

The Project Technique

The “Monoliths” and “Suspensions” in Human Dilatations by Roger Weiss are inspired by the Kintsugi Japanese technique, the subject is fragmented and then reassembled, unifying a series of photograms. The resulting vision is a particular and detailed analysis of every detail of the human body.

Online, Roger Weiss