Steidl and Librairie 213 – Sophie Bramly “Walk This Way” Photographs From The Bronx 1981-1983

Published by Steidl and Librairie 213 (not affiliated with LRP)

Steidl, Librairie 213
Editions 213, Paris August 2015
Limited edition of 500 copies
Each copy comes with an original print signed and numbered
Walk This Way by Sophie Bramly

About the Book

Walk This Way features the work of photographer Sophie Bramly. From 1981 to 1983, Branly immersed herself in a bourgeoning underground scene evolving from the Bronx. Her iconic photographs capture artists of the defining era in Hip Hop. Featured artists include Run DMC, Afrika Bambaataa, Futura 2000, Fab Five Freddy and the Beastie Boys. Worth visiting Steidl (love this publisher) and Librairie 213. A pick up for the LRP library.