The playful and improvisational-like work of Giuseppe Palmisano

Playful? Certainly. Erotic? Depends on your orientation. Interesting? We think so. We love the work of Bologna-based photographer Giuseppe Palmisano. His improvisational-like approach to his work creates a playful, slightly absurd, yet engaging and semi-erotic presentation to the viewer pairing bodies with pieces of home furniture and in other home settings. And Palmisano certainly seems to be having fun with his subject matter, “If you have something to express, just do it, whatever that means and whatever kind of expression you are going to use. It is not really important if you shoot, paint or act” – Giuseppe Palmisano. Going with his heart and executing his vision. View Palmisano’s photo essays – Abat-jourCaleidoH.S.V. – on site.

Giuseppe Palmisano