Frederic Fontenoy: Metamorphosis

Viewing Frédéric Fontenoy’s work is like stepping into a BDSM themed Diorama. Created with mastery-level attention to detail, Fontenoy’s intimate scenes express human sexuality, eroticism, roleplaying, dominance and submission, bondage and other interpersonal relationships. These photos live within Fontenoy’s “Photographies” 2006-2011 book published in 2011 as well as his photographic series – ArachnoïdsInside, and Inside Diptych & Triptych. Now Fontenoy’s work, Metamorphosis, takes a much different turn toward the surreal by mixing blurred human movement in nature to create a series of eerily surreal fantasy settings. Our imaginations ran wild with Fontenoy’s most recent work. You can view the full series along with ArachnoïdsInside, and Inside Diptych & Triptych on

Frederic Fontenoy