Return To Sender: A Mixed Medium Printed Matter Art Book by Artist and Writer Samantha Castoro

(Available, June 2016) You wrote letters in your head as soon as they walked out the door. These were the letters you couldn’t work up the nerve to send. Return to Sender is sending it out.

You have broken the letters into three sections:

  1. “Dear John”: A series of letters from a woman to a man terminating their relationship.
  2. “Letters To Misha”: A series of letters through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – after a friend’s suicide.
  3. “Missed Connections”: A series of letters that act as a personal account of two strangers meeting in NYC.

Each letter acting as a personal reflection on how easily a person can come into and out of your life without you ever having the chance to share with them how much they changed you.

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