Dan Calhoun

Dan Calhoun grew up in Florida, transplanted to Kansas (where he earned his MFA from Wichita State), and is now living it up in Louisiana. He’s currently a PhD candidate at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, where he also teaches English though he still manages to watch a few hours of reality television a week. In addition to writing, he enjoys music, walks and pretending to have read Proust. He’s currently writing a book about Lil’ Kim.


Safe Sex – Early Release on Amazon Available Now

Safe Sex (Amazon early release) is hardly ever safe. A confused drifter crosses paths with a charismatic hustler and ends up at teenager’s house. A grad school dropout struggles to make sense of her life and figure out how to live harmoniously with her boyfriend. A lonely gay man stuck in Kansas begins a sexual and emotional relationship with a straight woman. A high school girl, reeling after the suicide of a former friend she taunted, seeks understanding from her fundamentalist Christian aunt and then a classmate. A gay man struggles with expressing the psychological implications of living with HIV as he cuts himself off from family and friends. A white man—haunted by a past transgression— investigates the murder of a Black trans woman and the lack of police interest, discovering the world isn’t as neat as he believes. This collection—five stories and a novella—explores the intersections of gender, race, orientation, religion, secularism, sex and death, attempting to make sense of what it means to be an American in the 21st century.

Early Release on Amazon

Paperback ISBN:978-0997694314
Pages: 206
Genre: Fiction (Short Stories)
Retail: $17.95
Purchase: Amazon
Hardcover: October, 2016
Ebook: October, 2016. Available through Amazon’s Matchbook Program. $2.99 when you buy the print book.

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