Fury Young: Lit Riot Press Poet

Fury Young is a poet, musician, and activist from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His poetry is inspired by what he knows and other forces he does not. What he can name is the streets, strangers, the subway, music, modern and ancient life, prison, performance, and other very everyday things. He is producing a project called Die Jim Crow, about racism in the US prison system, that is written and performed by formerly and currently incarcerated black musicians from across the country. Meat and Milk is his debut collection of poetry.

About Meat and Milk

Meat & Milk is the debut poetry book of Fury Young, a born and bred Lower East Side NYC poet. The poems, along with the original notebook pages they written on it, jump off each page of this collection with urgency and lust. Fury writes of his world face value style, with surprise surrealist and abstract turns. Subway cars, deep depression demons, incarcerated lifers, city lovers, sex, rock n’ roll all the time, crackheads, and food is what you’ll find in here. Walk inside the mind of a young poet coming of age in a jaded city, an “incarcerated rabbi with so many questions,” a “porn star without a face,” an “amateur philosopher.” Meat & Milk is a poetry book for the ages that is very much of this age. Whether you are living in a concrete city or doing life in a concrete tomb, you will find truth in Fury’s words and devour Meat & Milk. Early release, available for purchase on Amazon. More retailers – Barnes & Noble, Waterstones (UK/Europe), IndieBound et al – November, 2016. Contact Lit Riot Press for wholesale order discounts.

Meat & Milk

Available now! Early release on Amazon.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-942146-39-1
Pages: 230
Genre: Poetry & Art
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