Ilu Ros: Lit Riot Press Artist

Ilu Ros

Artist Ilu Ros has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, and a Media Communications Bachelors Degree from the University of Granada, Spain. She enjoys experimenting in a variety of artistic disciplines. Her artistic references and influencers are diverse, including contemporary artists such as Bill Viola, Tracey Emin, Louise Bourgeois, and Egon Schiele. Ilu loves watching and drawing people, imagining and reimagining their daily lives. Most of Ilu’s drawings and paintings are made with watercolor, graphite, ink, markers, and acrylics, on paper. These are the tools that allow her to work quickly, catching the spontaneity of the elements and people she wants to draw.

Ilu currently lives in London, England where she works as a freelancer. She is working on several projects including, I live in a Council Flat, about the Council Blocks in London and surrounding boroughs, and her forthcoming book of illustrations, a personal compilation of influential women in history in the fields of politics, science, and the arts. Out on Lit Riot Press in 2017.

Connect With Ilu

Instagram: @iluros