Call for Artists: Beaver the Exhibition Book Project 

Seeking artists working in all disciplines for a book project entitled Beaver, that delves into the complexity of female sexual self-expression, pornography, and gender performance.

This fourth iteration of Naomi Elena Ramirez’s Beaver the Exhibition Event will be a book project published by Lit Riot Press. As a printed matter book project Beaver the Exhibition will exist as the book itself, instead of being in a gallery and performance venue.  The intention is not to make a catalog of the exhibition event but to conceptualize the book as the exhibition venue.  As a multidisciplinary exhibition as book, what does this mean for durational works, for performance works, for video?  They will most definitely be included!  Each work will be represented in a manner that translates the durational experience into the printed matter presentation. 

How do cultural representations of female sexuality in advertising, mass media, and mainstream pornography affect how female sexuality is expressed both individually and collectively? How does slut-shaming and the threat of sexual violence delineate, thwart, or promote female sexual self-expression? What are the different ways that racial and sexual identities are culturally inscribed on the female body? How can sexualized representations of the female body be used to contradict systemic patriarchal objectification without perpetuating it?

Beaver the exhibition responds to these questions in order to facilitate discussion of contemporary feminist perspectives on pornography, gender performance, and female sexual self-expression. Curated by artist Naomi Elena Ramirez*, the exhibition includes visual art, video, readings, performances, and roundtable discussions. Through open calls for artists, each iteration of the Beaver exhibition brings together a different group of artists and individuals and has included readings by sex workers, films about the stereotypes forced onto women of color, and visual art works that explore representation of the female form. Commitment to diverse representations of race, sex, gender, sexuality, and class is an essential component of my curatorial practice.  Recognizing the various methods through which we communicate our differing perspectives on embodied experience, the artworks in the exhibition are a cacophony of thoughts, feelings, and questions.

Each contributor to the Beaver exhibition book project will be asked to submit high-resolution images of their artwork and contribute to the discussion by answering questions about their work, as well as, bio and artist statement.  


Please submit via Google Docs.

Submission Deadline

May 7, 2017


Please email with any questions.

Connect *with curatorial input from Kristen Korvette of And on Facebook.