Claudia De Pace Botardo: Lit Riot Press Author

Aye B, See My Tattoos? Coloring Book. With Hand Drawn Illustrations from Tattoo Pepe. 

Claudia De Pace Botardo was born and raised in Turin, Italy. She studied political science at Università Degli Studi Di Torino, Italy. In 2008 she moved to New York City to work in fashion. Claudia is fluent in several languages including Italian, Spanish, French, and English. Claudia spends her days as a perfumer creating perfume compositions, cooking Italian food, waving “ciao” to strangers, and writing short stories. She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a full time writer and fire breather for a circus in Woodstock, NY. Aye B See My Tattoos? is her first book in a series of illustrated children’s books.

Aye B, See My Tattoos? Coloring Book

By Pierre Botardo and Claudia De Pace Botardo.

AYE B, SEE MY TATTOOS? is not your usual kind of coloring book. This book has many functions. Teaching the alphabet, learning and spelling the word corresponding to each illustration, exposing a child’s mind to two languages with translated words from English to Spanish and vice versa, and encouraging a child’s imagination and creativity to color each illustration. We have chosen Spanish for the first book because it’s the second most spoken language in the United States next to English. And last, these illustrations are tattoo ready for professional tattoo artists. These stencils are ready to go!

NEW RELEASE: $9.95 | Available for purchase on AMAZON.

Now available for purchase!

Authors: Pierre Botardo and Claudia De Pace Botardo
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9976943-8-3
Retail: $9.95 | Available for purchase on AMAZON
1. ART / Body Art & Tattooing. 2. LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Alphabets & Writing Systems. 3. LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Spelling. 4. ART / American / General. 5. GAMES & ACTIVITIES / Coloring Books.
This coloring book is the first in a three part series by Pierre Botardo and Claudia De Pace Botardo. Wholesale purchase options are available to booksellers and non-booksellers. Contact Lit Riot Press for ordering inquiries.

I love the illustrations in Aye B, See My Tattoos?. I colored half this book the day it arrived. The translation of words from English to Spanish and vice versa is great for kids to learn while coloring and it’s a great book for both tattoo enthusiasts and artists. Next tattoos Sirena/Mermaid and Turtle/Tortuga. Can’t wait for books 2 and 3.