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Greg Farrell is from Long Island and lives in Brooklyn. He is a the author of On The Books and Hipster!, both works of comic-strip nonfiction. He plays drums, is a middle child, and never went to college. View Greg’s work on yo burbalino.

About I’m Worried That … A List of Things I’m Worried About

In these modern times there is a lot to worry about. In I’m worried that…author Greg Farrell catalogues his wide-ranging and myriad worries with wit and verve in a unique list-poem format. From the rational to the neurotic, the dire to the absurd, the deeply personal to the universal, Farrell offers up a meditation on worry to which we can all relate.


I’m Worried That … A List of Things I’m Worried About

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Author: Greg Farrell
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9976943-5-2
Pages: 172
Genre: Humor, Anecdotes, Biography
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