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Call for Artists: Beaver the Exhibition Book Project

Art, Culture & Life, Editorial

Call for Artists: Beaver the Exhibition Book Project  Seeking artists working in all disciplines for a book project entitled Beaver, that delves into the complexity of female sexual self-expression, pornography, and gender performance. This fourth iteration of Naomi Elena Ramirez’s Beaver the Exhibition Event will…

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PogoBooks – GOLD & SILBER by Peter Kaaden

Editorial, Print & Literature

PogoBooks – GOLD & SILBER by Peter Kaaden Published by PogoBooks (not affiliated with LRP) Peter Kaaden is a favorite of ours at LRP. A true devotee to analogue-styled phrenetic photography. His scratched surfaces and often grainy and contrasting portrayal of nudity, human body…

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Photographer Roger Weiss: Human Dilatations

Editorial, Photographers

Human Dilatations Suspension and Human Dilatations Monoliths, by photographer and artist Roger Weiss, explore contemporary notions of physical perfection and our views of the human body. Human Dilatations does not fear the marks of frailness of the body and its…

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Photographer Miron Zownir: The Poet of Radical Photography

Editorial, Photographers

Hailed as the “Poet of Radical Photography” (Terry Southern), Miron Zownir’s photographic work has been exhibited in galleries and museums since 1981. We love his work, an easy early preeminent street photographer, documentarian and influencer. We don’t have street photographers without influencers. Zownir’s…