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Wrist Deep Rehearsal Black & White Photo Set

Media, Photography

Wrist Deep Rehearsal Black & White Photo Set We shot Wrist Deep at rehearsal. A few quick B&W Outtakes. Joe, Jay, Mike – thanks for being such gracious hosts to Lit Riot Press. Much appreciated. Good people. Give a listen and buy their…

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Media, Photography

LoveHONEY LIVE B&W We loved LoveHONEY’s set at Gold Sounds, Brooklyn. Go see them! Officiallovehoneymusic on Facebook. loveHONEY is a rock trio from Brooklyn, New York with music rooted in soul. blues, & vintage rock ‘n’ roll. Silky, soulful & gritty vocals combined…

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SLOW SUCK Rehearsal Shoot Outtakes

Media, Photography

SLOW SUCK Rehearsal Shoot Outtakes Taken in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Front lady and lead guitarist Kiki brings the feels with her slow-punk, emo-grunge, heart string breaking tunes and gut kicking lyrics. Brooklyn based, heavy distortion, telecasters, sick fills, achy hearts. EP RELEASE PARTY…

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It Was Romance Live

Media, Photography

It Was Romance Live Performance Shoot by Lit Riot Press at the Brooklyn Women in the Arts Launch Event Lit Riot Press covered It Was Romance at the Brooklyn Women in the Arts inaugural event celebrating women in the Brooklyn arts community at Sunnyvale…

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Rehearsal Sessions: The Falling Birds

Media, Photography

Rehearsal Sessions: The Falling Birds Lit Riot Press stopped by to cover The Falling Birds in rehearsal. Rising from Brooklyn’s infamous indie rock nerve The Falling Birds play stripped down rock and roll the way it was meant to be played. With their…

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Radio Free Brooklyn 2015 Holiday Party!

News, Photography

Radio Free Brooklyn’s own Gabrielle St. Evensen MC’d Radio Free Brooklyn’s first year holiday party at Beast of Bourbon in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. RFB show hosts Jim Melloan, Jaime Arroyo and Rommel Wood spun vinyl and Erica Elishama’s band MISS ANTHROPICA…

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Radio Free Brooklyn Mid-Season Mixer B&W

News, Photography

We do occasionally cover Radio Free Brooklyn events. Not much rehearsed, more show up to support and participate in some small way. RFB is a non-commercial community Internet radio station based in Bushwick Brooklyn, streaming original content by the artists…