Photo: Brian Goodwin

Photo: Brian Goodwin

Fury Young (b. 1989) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Manhattan's Lower East Side. Growing up without a TV, Fury developed an early obsession for movie-going and set his sights on becoming a film director by age seven. In 2011, after directing several shorts and working as a set carpenter in New York, Young moved to Los Angeles CA. Though the move was a means to expand his horizons as a filmmaker, Fury saw his life and career take a sudden shift, as he became involved in Occupy Wall Street's LA chapter. During this time out west, Young became heavily involved in activism, studying history, learning guitar, and writing poetry.

Young's main current project is Die Jim Crow, a multimedia concept album about the black American experience in the era of mass incarceration. The album, which will be released in 2020 with a film and art book component, is written and performed by formerly and currently incarcerated musicians from across the country. Young is the producer and founder of the project, which he began in 2013. Meat & Milk is his debut collection of poetry.


Meat & Milk

$19.95 US

ISBN: 978-0999294383

Poetry / Art / New York City / LES
Paperback (Now Available)
6 x 9 inches | 120 pages
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Meat & Milk is the debut poetry book of Fury Young, a born and bred Lower East Side NYC poet. The poems, along with the original notebook pages they written on jump off each page of this collection. Fury writes of his world face value style, with surprise surrealist and abstract turns. Subway cars, deep depression demons, incarcerated lifers, city lovers, sex, rock n’ roll all the time, crackheads, and food is what you’ll find in here. Walk inside the mind of a young poet coming of age in a jaded city, an “incarcerated rabbi with so many questions,” a “porn star without a face,” an “amateur philosopher.” Meat & Milk is a poetry book for the ages that is very much of this age. Whether you are living in a concrete city or doing life in a concrete tomb, you will find truth in Fury’s words and devour Meat & Milk.