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ISBN: 978-0999294383

Literature & Fiction / Poetry / Folklore & Mythology
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6 x 9 inches | 90 pages
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La Dona, La Llorona is a poetry book about alienation and inclusion. With imperviousness and ferocity, this famous Mexican ghost crisscrosses the northern border and makes both nations her own. La Llorona is not a sympathetic figure; she preys on children and drowns them in rivers. The stories highlight her pride, beauty, and vanity. In La Doña, La Llorona, the ghost is a woman with a past, a story common to American mythology. She is Mexican, American, a woman unafraid, the most terrifying of specters. In a nation where immigrants face deportation, even death, La Doña, La Llorona is a resounding voice of victory. The ultimate American, she crushes those who bind her. Undefeated. Indefatigable. A fire on the prairie. Rolling in, the blood of the tide.


"These poems in La Llorona’s changeable voice span vast emotional terrain surefootedly as the speaker is cruel and taunting, unsettlingly flirtatious, damaged and longing." – Rachel Contreni Flynn, author of Tongue

"Brave, ambitious, and dynamic. Richly grounded in place and time, a talent that Adkins accomplishes while leaving his speaker to wander from one era to another." – Autumn Spriggs, Editor-in-Chief, The Fem Lit Mag.

"La Llorona herself has gripped Paul David Adkins with her icy fingers and whispered these tales, these dark secrets of death, in his ears. Bend close to these midnight visions and admire the way he’s become her most lyric, most cunning, and most effective ethnographer and lover to date." – Sarah Cortez, poet and councilor, Texas Institute of Letters, author of Cold Blue Steel

"By turns wry and desolate, elegiac and prophetic, this collection casts a voice that rings with fresh terror and enduring grief. These poems will haunt you with their mythic heft, will take your fears and drag them, like children, toward the river." - Amazon

"I liked this collection of poems about La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. I'm curious to know why the author became fascinated by her story. The poem about Malinche was especially good." - Amazon

"Wonderful imagery, gripping narrative, insightful political critique. Everything I want from a poetry book!" - Amazon