Open Call Book Submissions


Open Call Book Submissions

We have open calls running for the following book projects:

  1. Thematic Photo Essay Books (Photos + Writing or Photos)

  2. Podcast+ Books

  3. Memoirs

  4. Blogger & Journalist Books

  5. Art Books.

We are looking for people of conscious to elevate the impact of their words, photos and art to create community and affirm the value of their stories. Writers, podcasters, bloggers and journalists, photographers and artists committed to non-fiction works that capture the depth, breadth and complexity of life, culture and history. We are committed to publishing works from under-represented groups in today’s literary ecosystem. Learn more and submit your proposal!

Featured Open Calls

View our submissions page for more details on featured open calls. And for all submissions, please include information on the submission form if it will help us understand your book proposal concept. We are most interested in getting a feel for the subject matter of your project. Perfect presentation isn’t as important as strong content.


Note that because of the volume of proposals we receive we cannot individually acknowledge them. If we like the sound of a proposal, then we will reply to you within thirty (30) days. If you have not heard from us after thirty (30) days then we are unable to take your project forward.