Elli Espi Live Hummingbird: A Lyric Book


Elli Espi Live Hummingbird: A Lyric Book

"A wonderful collection of more than 70 songs from a talented singer and songwriter."

We play music to memorialize, to create meaning, to process the events in our lives. We write to decipher what matters and what we need to let go. We sing because we are happy or sad, feel joy or anger, feeling free and innocent or trapped and hopeless. We sing, we write songs, and we play music because sometimes it feels better than crying, drugs, or whiskey. Music is love and art. It touches what we see as untouchable. It refreshes the human heart and stirs within us a sound our souls can hear. It’s spiritual. It’s sensual. Songs pass through us in waves, like water, like air, like fire, like earth. Songs soak into us and change us from the inside. They make us feel.

All the songs in this lyric book come from an experience, a place and time we can return to together any time, again and again. I invite you to freely participate in this lyric book both actively and passively: You can envision what my stories sound like, what those scenes looked like, and then you can change everything around to make them your stories. Give these lyrics new melodies, new memories, new associations. Change the key, modulate it to fit your life, add a new dynamic, unique to your own imagination, your thoughts, your feelings, your heart and soul. We can sing together or hum, or speak the words like poetry. Thank you for picking up a copy of this lyric book. If you’ve ever written a song, or want to write one, please share it with me. Let’s play together someday.

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ISBN: 978-0997089301

Lyrics / Music / Songwriting
Paperback (Now Available)
5 x 8 inches | 172 pages
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Live From Hummingbird: A Lyric Book Written and performed by Elli Espi


Book Reviews

“Elli Espi is a very talented young woman. I have had the pleasure of hearing her music in the past and she has a beautiful voice. My only regret is not being able to hear her sing all of the lyrics in this book. However, the writings make you look deep into your soul. I am sure you will enjoy reading these lyrics or poems,as you may perceive them.” AMAZON

“It would be impossible to choose just one word to describe this book. The ones that come to mind most are “inspirational, beautiful, poetic, enlightening”. This journey through an artist’s mind is truly remarkable. 100% recommended!” AMAZON

“Amazingly talented young woman! Every lyric in this book I have been able to relate to in one way or another. I catch myself humming them throughout my day. Beautifully written and great cover, just the right amount of pops of color. The font is the perfect legible size and a great layout. Hope yup enjoy it as much as I do! Keep up the great work Elli Espi!” AMAZON

“A wonderful collection of lyrics from a talented singer and songwriter. A journey that takes you through more than 70 songs. A natural lyricist and storyteller. Elli Espi brings the reader along in a journey of love, life, in music. Highly recommend this lyric book.” AMAZON

“A collection of songs in which the reader is carried through the different phases of one person’s life and love perspective – sometimes it feels like storytelling, sometimes it feels like prose or stream of consciousness, sometimes it’s poetry. Over all, a lovely collection.” AMAZON

“This lyric book has beautiful content and lyrics that are very insightful and inspirational. I highly recommend this book to any one who loves music and being creative. It is also fun to listen along to Elli Espi’s songs while reading.” AMAZON