I'm Worried That ... A List Of Things I'm Worried About


I'm Worried That ... A List Of Things I'm Worried About by Greg Farrell

In these modern times there is a lot to worry about. In I’m Worried That … A List Of Things I’m Worried About author Greg Farrell catalogues his wide-ranging and myriad worries with wit and verve in a unique list-poem format. From the rational to the neurotic, the dire to the absurd, the deeply personal to the universal, Farrell offers up a meditation on worry to which we can all relate, I’m worried that … a list of things i’m worried about.

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ISBN: 978-0-9976943-5-2

Humor / Anecdotes /  Biography
Paperback (Now Available)
4.5 x 7 inches | 172 pages
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“An absolutely brilliant piece of work – moving, touching, hilarious, thought-provoking, silly, and existential, worries both singular and universal. In pages and pages of sentences beginning with the phrase, “I’m worried that … “, Greg Farrell gives voice to a spectrum of worries ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. If your worries range from whether you are losing your hair to whether you will find true love, from falling off the subway platform to what the meaning of life is, you will love this book. A unique and clever treatment and a great gift for yourself and others!” – Amazon.

“Few works succinctly summarize contemporary anxieties as well as I’m Worried That. An informed and well formatted piece aptly crafted for today’s reader on the go. Perfect for reading while in public transit.” – Amazon.

“Both very worrying and very funny! You bond on the things you agree with and laugh off the things you don’t. To read this book is to meditate on the meaning, purpose and self examination of life itself! Yes, it’s both that big and that small at the same time! Read it you’ll feel better about yourself and the state of the world.” – Amazon.

“You think you have worries? Farrell has LISTS of them, page upon page. One might imagine these being read over an experimental jazz soundtrack (or not- have it your way), achieving a certain cadence as worry after worry spills forth, a diarrhetic explosion of neuroses and anxieties that could make your head spin. It’s packaged in a simple black and white cover, sized perfectly for carrying in a coat pocket for those times when you start to get a little edgy about your own worries -no problem- dig out Farrell’s book and pour over the lists to soothe your troubled soul or if you’re really unlucky maybe drive your worried self over the edge. Farrell continues to dig deep into his psyche and find a way go get it out there. I know I’ll be along for the ride wherever he decides to take it.” – Amazon.

“One of my favorite authors. Farrell’s books are always clever and very insightful. I’m Worried That looks hilariously bleak and I’m worried that It wont get here soon enough.”– Amazon.

“This book is hilarious and sad and terrifying. If Charles Bukowski and Lynda Barry had a kid it might grow up to be someone as vulnerable and intelligent and talented as Greg. I would recommend this to anyone interested in honesty and humor.” – Amazon.

“It’s been a quite a while since I’ve been alternatively rolling on the floor laughing and smirking to myself while also terrified. Greg Farrell touches upon some pretty personal topics that everybody can relate to here, very eye opening material. Smart, witty and thoughtful. Highly recommend.” – Amazon.

“I couldn’t be happier to own this book. Farrell is saying everything I’m thinking about but too nervous to share. This book is a must have. Any artist, creator or just plain human being should own this book. Can’t wait to see what he puts out next!” – Amazon.