Author: Jess Goldman


Author: Jess Goldman

We are pleased to announce Jess Goldman’s partnership with Lit Riot Press to publish her debut book, Thumb (LRP 2019). Thumb is a collection of stories and poems on girlhood, rape culture, sex, Yiddishkeit and queerness. The curious, off-beat and oft-forsaken characters populating these stories and poems find themselves under the thumb of unease, compulsion, abject curiosity, loneliness and desire. We’re looking forward to sharing Jessica Goldman’s writing journey and her book Thumb with our readers in 2019.


About Jess Goldman

Jess Goldman has a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Concordia. She writes short-fiction, poetry, and the occasional essay. Her work explores queerness, Yiddishkeit, sex and power. Miranda July, Bruno Schulz and Heather O’Neill are among her influences. Her writing has been featured in Plasma Dolphin, League of Canadian Poets, and Room Magazine. In 2013, she was the recipient of the CUE Writers’ Bursary for her poetry collection on rape culture. In that same year, she co-founded and facilitated Toronto WordSmiths (TOWS), a youth writing collective, which she ran in the Toronto neighborhood of Parkdale until 2015. In her spare time we can find Jess wandering the streets of Montreal, talking to herself out loud, and eating Portuguese chicken straight out of the bag.

Connect With Jess Goldman

Website: Jessica Goldman
IG: @flipphonejes