Open Call Nonfiction Book Proposal Submissions


Open Call Nonfiction Book Proposal Submissions

We are looking for talented podcasters, bloggers, journalists, and writers of conscious to submit manuscripts to our open submission call for nonfiction works. We place a heavy emphasis upon the development and publication of nonfiction works that are fun, informative, smart, and moving. Real-world human stories covering varying topics that contribute to the cultural, social, and life experiences of a community of readers.

We are an experienced publisher and support writers, new and emerging authors, and brands throughout the entire book process. We pitch projects, develop book proposals, provide development guidance, offer regular ongoing editorial and writing help as the manuscript develops, and publisher editing once the first draft manuscript is complete and delivered. Start to finish writers, new and emerging authors, and content creators receive a lot of support at Lit Riot Press.

Open calls running for the following nonfiction book projects:

  1. Podcast+ Books (we have several of these book projects in the works for 2020)

  2. Memoirs (long-form or collections - i.e. “Memoir in Essays”)

  3. Themed/Topic Books by Bloggers (long-form or collections)

  4. Themed/Topic Books Journalists (long-form or collections)

View our submissions page for more details on featured open calls. For all submissions, please include additional information on the submission form if it will help us understand your book proposal concept. We are most interested in getting a feel for the subject matter of your project. Perfect presentation isn’t as important as strong content Please note that because of the volume of proposals we receive we cannot individually acknowledge them. If we like the sound of a proposal, then we will reply to you within thirty (30) days. If you have not heard from us after thirty (30) days then we are unable to take your project forward.

Lit Riot Press is an independent book publisher based in Brooklyn, NY. We publish a diverse catalogue of nonfiction books covering topics under the humanities, culture and pop culture, comedy, LGBTQ topics, race, ethnicity, human rights and contemporary social and political movements. Outstanding books connected to a diverse and global community of readers. We connect our publications to a diverse and global community of readers through one of the industry’s largest global book distribution networks - online stores, independent bookstores, big chains, little chains, local niche retailers, libraries and universities and just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells books.