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ISBN: 978-0999294307

Photography / Poetry / Women
Paperback (Now Available)
7.5 x 9.25 inches | 180 pages
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“I don’t want to be anyone anymore. I especially don’t want to be a woman,” Sabater writes in the opening of her modern age confessional. Set Me On Fire Before I Blow is a mixed-medium monograph and curatorial exploration from author, artist and musician Kiki Sabater. Based on a series of notebooks kept by Sabater from 2012 to 2018, this book explores the innermost thoughts of a young female artist. Stylized photos capture intimate moments and accompany raw and unfiltered journal entries and handwritten excerpts from Sabater's notebooks. In poems, lyrics, essays, prose and photos Sabater examines what it means to be a woman, a writer, a musician, and a lover who wrestles with mental illness and shares these experiences without boundary or judgement.


“Authentic. Touching. Dark. Intriguing. It’s a fascinating read and a beautiful book. Highly recommended!” – Amazon

“Brave, bold, and surprisingly honest and forthright. The photos, poems, lyrics, and prose open Kiki Sabater’s world to readers through her personal lens. A 180 page deep into the heart of Sabater as a writer, musician and women. I love this book.” – Amazon

“Captivating imagery, engaging on every page, Set Me on Fire Before I Blow is like nothing I’ve ever read. The author shares the deepest parts of her life with the reader. I feel like this book might be a Horcrux because I’m pretty sure part of the author’s soul is in this book. I definitely recommended.” – Amazon

"Titillating!" – Amazon

"Amazing. It’s really refreshing to finally read something like this, about the experience of being a woman, without pretense and not afraid to just be real. Hope to see more from this author." – Amazon

"Beautifully written. A touchingly painful journey into a young woman's soul. The depths of her desperation and the joys of her small victories comes through in her writing. A haunting book the will stay with you long after the last page is turned. Highly recommend." – Amazon

"Great collection of poetry. Miss Sabater’s collection is both dark and hopeful, real and fantasy like. A stunning read." – Amazon