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ISBN: 978-1942146452

Literature & Fiction / Science Fiction / Biopunk
Paperback (Now Available)
6 x 9 inches | 244 pages
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Bio-punk. Weird literature. A sci-fi fantasy that is frighteningly real. Split Second Solution is a dystopian urban novel set in New York City in 2022 that predicted the rise of Trump (the Ginger Tom) and anticipates his fall. At the beginning of Split, the Sick Reapers and A.I. have seized power and captured Word. To escape being killed, Word jumps into the Hudson River and Death splits the last second of her life to save her. And, it is in the last split second of Word’s life that the entire story is told.

The Evil Antagonists

Ginger Tom: Seized power before the novel begins; consumed by idolatry of self; protected by personal militia and Super Recognizers; gaslights the public; orders purges of people and books; hunts Word because she is the Last Truth Keeper.

Lunatic Eight: Includes the Freaky Geek and Posh Boy; ultra-rich predatory power mongers; destroy the infrastructure of society; lose control.

Super Recognizers: Controlled by Ginger Tom and the Lunatic Eight; known as “Sick Reapers”; by 2022 Sick Reapers are in power; psychopathic obsession with capturing Word.

A.I.:Artificial intelligence hostile to biological intelligence; global surveillance machines; collude with Sick Reapers in vicious endgame; can hack consciousness; hack X-it; obsessed by capturing Word.

The Brave Protagonists

Word: Born 2000; French/North African; Last Truth Keeper; ancient texts tattooed on her body hold keys to the future; hunted by Super Recognizers; mother killed when she was eight.

X-it: Born 2000; French Creole heritage; super intelligent; father an astrophysicist; loves Word.

Death: Counter to all human stereotypes; hates people dying; trans; other personas include Cat, Bat, Bowie and Gaga.

Eternity: Extra-terrestrial observer; pure energy; not time bound; appears as the Old Crone and Botticelli’s Venus.

Grann: Creole wise woman; ancient Truth Seeker; ready to die to protect Word.

All lives are in jeopardy. No one is safe. The age of women begins.


"Flat-out good entertainment. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well-written story laden with meaning and populated with people you can’t help but appreciate." - Amazon

"I was immersed in the fascinating futuristic world created by Taylor; a world where Death sometimes makes you laugh and all the while you are continuously thinking deeply about the possibilities of life. Split is simply a great read." - Amazon

"Compelling indeed, but frightening too. The book is remarkably prescient. The Split Second is our time. We live in it and we must make choices. Ginger Tom is ascending. The world might end. Only we can find the Solution. If you don't know what I mean, read this book. Then join the resistance." - Amazon

“Denny Taylor’s futuristic urban fantasy, Split Second Solution, supposes a very different world albeit less than a decade away, but one that’s all too frighteningly plausible considering today’s culture. Split Second Solution challenges your imagination and makes you see the world and its potential in an entirely different light. It’s most highly recommended.” – Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

“Split Second Solution by Denny Taylor is one of the most interesting and unique stories I have read in a long time. It reminds me of the works of Neil Gaiman–especially the Sandman Series. I highly recommend Split Second Solution to anyone who loves a tale well told that challenges the reader as it entertains. A great read.” – Kris Moger, Readers’ Favorite

“This book really draws you in from the start. You see the world that they live in and how things could change in just an instant if they are not careful. There’s a lot going on in this futuristic novel. The characters are realistic and you feel like you’re slowly uncovering who they are and the important things about them. The more you read, the more you learn and you still feel like you want to know a whole lot more.” – Samantha Dewitt (Rivera), Readers’ Favorite

“Split Second Solution is a futuristic fable and a surreal love story that is as enigmatic as it is eerily factual. Dystopian in a unique way, the novel mixes myth and science in such a way that we don’t know where myth ends and science starts or is it the other way around? All the characters in the story are strange and mysterious, but as the plot unfolds they slowly become real, even human. A very fascinating read!” – Maria Beltran, Readers’ Favorite

"Split Second Solution, Taylor's latest, is aimed directly at young minds capable of understanding the warnings that an ominous future can yet be reshaped for the betterment of our races on earth if only these emerging heroes, perhaps unknown even to themselves, are open to the grim, daunting and vital task that lies ahead of them. Taylor's book is as unsettling as it is wise. Highly recommended!" - Amazon

"Her novel combines creativity, the seriousness of our time, with gorgeous literary and philosophical references and some pretty delightful and endearing characters. In short Taylor balances the shadow and the light to show the cracks of possibility and of resilience and the humanity of us all! A must read!" - Amazon

"From the opening scene I felt I was reading something like a Miyazaki masterpiece. The descriptions are so vivid that only his genius talent for animation could capture them. Just as Howl's Moving Castle takes you on a journey with both darkness and light, here there is palpable evil and fragile heroism in non-cliched plot twists and turns. Required reading for our times." - Amazon

"Denny Taylor foresees the future that is eerily like the near present. Did she foresee the Trump era? Read and be ready for surprises." - Amazon

"Taylor calls in the writings of Montaigne and Descartes as well as the work of the physicist, Carlo Rovelli, to create an experience that combines science fiction with social awareness." - Amazon