Art Gallery: Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos?


Art Gallery: Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? by Marilyn Rondón

Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? is a work of imagination and creativity by artist Marilyn Rondón. This illustrated children’s book answers the questions often posed to tattooed parents by their children and their children’s friends. Each page is bright and interactive, and the book engages children with themes of self-acceptance, wrapped in fun dialogue with richly colored illustrations by Rondón. Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? is an enthusiastic and unforgettable children’s book for both conversation and learning. Available in hardcover and paperback.

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ISBN: 978-0-9970893-4-9 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-9970893-3-2 (Hardcover)

Art / Illustration / Children
Paperback and Hardcover (Now Available)
8 x 8 inches | 50 pages
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“Marilyn, with her own remarkable collection of tattoos, feels it’s important for kids to know that “tattoos are simply an art form, a very beautiful art form,” and she draws from her own experiences and channels the discrimination and stigma she faced into an important lesson for the younger generation.” —Olivia Cassano, KONBINI

“The book, full of original illustrations by Marilyn herself, will teach kids one big lesson — “that tattoos don’t make people bad, they’re just art.” And Marilyn, with her own beautiful collection of tattoos, feels it’s important to let her baby readers know just that.”—Mallory Llewellyn, GALOR

“Lost to Mario Kart and MySpace. Did Justin Bieber kill the children’s book? Luckily, the answer is a resounding “NO!” Thanks to rock star artists like Marilyn Rondon.” —Jason Goldwatch, MASS APPEAL

“Marilyn Rondon is a one-of-a-kind artist with a poetic background — it seems creativity just flows throughout her veins … Rondon hustled her way to the top and has now created her first ever children’s book called Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? Between being an artist, an author, a model, and an advocate for mental health, this beautiful boss babe is the multidisciplinary artist you need to check out ASAP.” —Raven Ishak, TASTE THE STYLE

“Her latest endeavor is a children’s book called Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos?, which she wrote and illustrated herself. The book playfully explains the nature of tattoos as an art form and mode of self-expression. The book serves to teach children and adults about diversity in an imaginative way.” — Maria J. Livingstone, REHAB MAGAZINE

“Marilyn Rondón has written and illustrated a groundbreaking children’s book. Rarely does a children’s book take me by surprise by its originality and empathetic understanding of the questions children ask and how Mommies try to answer them. I can imagine children almost climbing into the book as they enjoy the story and the illustrations that provide so many opportunities for other questions to emerge about tattoos and how we express our uniqueness and create our own identities.” — AMAZON

“Delightful, empowering book by a young brave and brilliant artist. This book is a great educational gift, a delightful read for young and the young at heart with or without tattoos on their own skin.” — AMAZON

“Brilliant! Excellent book. Fun read and beautiful artistry. My daughter absolutely loves it and so do we!” —Customer Review, AMAZON

“Beautiful woman with beautiful, progressive ideals. Will keep for any future children!” — AMAZON

“I bought one book for my daughter and another for my niece. They loved it! After they where done reading it they both go through the pages and say “so that’s why my mom has a spider” …. “my mommy does have roses” … Both my sister and daughters mom have tattoos and the little girls always wondered why… Oh and the Illustrations are dope as well!” — AMAZON

“This book is fun, hilarious and insightful! It is an instant favorite for young parents and for kids!” — AMAZON

“This is an adorable book, the illustrations are incredible, and the goal is my favorite! My son loves to read this before bed. Thank for explaining the unexplainable.” — AMAZON